a life less ordinaryTopic for April  – A Life Less Ordinary

In this series, we will use mindfulness and concentration to investigate Buddha’s wisdom teachings. Through meditating on the dream-like nature of phenomena, we can learn to stop grasping at life’s difficulties and problems and in this way develop inner peace and happiness.  This class is based on the books Meaningful to Behold and Universal Compassion.



Developing Inner WealthTopic for May & June  – Developing Inner Wealth

What is inner wealth? Normally everyone regards external wealth such as money, and external conditions as important but Buddhist practitioners believe that internal wealth is more important. Inner wealth makes our mind happy all the time and helps us in this life and in future lives. If we develop inner wealth we will always be happy no matter the external conditions.  This class is based on the books Meaningful to Behold and How to Transform Your Life.


We offer drop-in meditation classes in:

Mondays in Stratford

Tuesdays in Kitchener

Wednesdays in Guelph

Thursdays in London

Thursdays in Georgetown (May 3 only)

And we offer Lunchtime Meditation on Mondays in Guelph.