purification - vajrasattvaPurification Vajrasattva Retreat
Dec 1 & 2, 2017

a two-day retreat
with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden

@ Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre
143 Wyndham St. N.
Suite 203
Guelph, ON
N1H 4E9
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Join us for two-days of purification retreat with Vajrasattva prayers at Avalokiteshvara Centre.

Who is Vajrasattva?

Buddha Vajrasattva is the embodiment of the completely pure mind of all the Buddhas. In this life and in our previous lives, we have engaged in negative actions of body, speech, and mind that ripen as problems and difficulties in our life today. Through relying on Vajrasattva’s blessings with a mind of faith, we can engage in purification practice. By engaging in purification, we can completely and permanently remove all negative karma and its imprints from our mind. In this way, our mind will gradually become happier and our good qualities will increase.

This retreat is open to everyone. Each retreat session is 75 minutes long. For this retreat, we engage in the prayers: Offering to the Spiritual Guide and Vajrasattva. Along with the prayers, each retreat session includes meditation (with mantra recitation) and a short teaching. Please bring a Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva sadhana if you have one.

Drop in and join us for one or all sessions as your schedule allows.  Everyone is welcome!

Session Times:
8:15am – 9:30am
10am – 11:15 am
5pm – 6:15pm
7pm – 8:30 pm

Each session is $5 or $15 for whole day. Free for Centre Card holders.