Saturday Courses

with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden

Come join us on a Saturday to go deeper into meditation with topics that will have a transformative impact on our life. Classes consists of guided mediations, teachings, discussion and an informal chat with refreshments during the break.

$25. Free with Centre Card.

In Guelph
Saturday afternoons
1 – 4pm

@ Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Suite 203 – 143 Wyndham St. N.
Guelph, ON
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In London
Saturday mornings
10am – 1pm

@ Landon Branch – London Public Library
167 Wortley Rd.
London, ON
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Saturday Course Schedule

Letting Go of Stress

London – Saturday 3 Feb
10am – 1pm

Guelph – Saturday 24 Feb
1pm – 4pm

Stress, worry and anxiety can all be managed and eventually eliminated through meditation practice. In this course, we will explore different Buddhist meditations that will enable us to gradually reduce and eventually eliminate stressful feelings.

Meditation in Action

London –  Saturday 3 March
10am – 1pm

Guelph –  Saturday 24 March
1pm – 4pm

Bring meditation into your daily life. In this short retreat, we will learn meditations that we can practise, even at the busiest times. Mindfulness is the heart of meditation practice and through our practice of mindfulness we can learn to bring inner peace and happiness into our busy daily lives.

Freedom from Disappointment

London – Saturday 7 April
10am – 1pm

So much of our unhappiness comes from our unfulfilled wishes and disappointments. How many disappointments do we cope with in a week. Instead of getting stressed trying to make everything work, we can apply Buddhist teaching on how to develop a balanced approach to expectations. In this way we will overcome our anxiety and unhappiness and establish inner peace in our hearts.

Overcoming Anger

London – Saturday 5 May
10am – 1pm

Guelph – Saturday 12 May
1pm -4pm

Anger is the most powerful negative mind but also one of the easiest to overcome through meditation practice. In this course we will look at how we can increase our capacity for patience through understanding the faults of anger and contemplating the vast benefits of patience.

The Wisdom of Imagination (Tantra)

London – Saturday 2 June
10am – 1pm

Guelph – Saturday 23 June
1pm – 4pm

Our mind creates our world. As our mind becomes more pure, so does our world. Learn about the practice of Tantra and the wisdom of imagination.