AmitayusAmitayus Prayers

Join us for Amitayus prayers to the Buddha of Long Life, Wisdom and Merit. By engaging in Amitayus practice we can develop these qualities, which are essential for our spiritual development, and eventually attain the deathless state of enlightenment. We can also use this practice to remove obstacles that endanger the lives of others.

Every New Year there is a tradition at Kadampa Buddhist Centers that we create special causes for world peace by relying upon Buddha Amitayus in a short retreat. We engage in Amitayus prayers to prevent untimely death and save the lives of countless living beings. We also increase wisdom, long life and merit. Through the power of Buddha’s blessings, our pure motivation, prayers and mantra recitations, good results will definitely come.

If we are familiar with this practice, we can strengthen our vitality and accumulate positive energy and wisdom. We need these qualities in order to use our precious human life. So we can proceed on the spiritual path without any obstacles.

Everyone is welcome to join us for Amitayus prayers at the Centre.

To receive the Empowerment of Buddha Amitayus, you are welcome to attend the online Summer Festival this July / August.

Typically held in February each year

Attend the Empowerment of Buddha Amitayus this Summer at the Summer Festival!

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