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AmitayusAmitayus Long Life Retreat

Saturday 1 February

Amitayus is the Buddha of Long Life, Wisdom and Merit. By engaging in Amitayus practice we can develop these qualities, which are essential for our spiritual development, and eventually attain the deathless state of enlightenment. We can also use this practice to remove obstacles that endanger the lives of others.

Join us for a one day retreat where we can draw closer to Amitayus through meditation, visualization and mantra recitation in four sessions. In this day retreat we will also learn a short practice of Amitayus that we can engage in every morning. Through engaging in this practice regularly, we can increase our long life, our wisdom and our merit.

$7 a session / $25 for the day / Free for members.
No registration necessary.

Retreat Schedule
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143 Wyndham St N Suite #203
Guelph, ON
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