Avalokiteshvara Prayers

Avalokitesvhara is the Buddha of Compassion. He is the synthesis of all Buddhas’ compassion and by engaging in this practice we can develop and increase our supreme good heart.

The benefits of engaging in the practice of this sadhana are immeasurable. Through sincerely practising the instructions presented in this sadhana we can first solve our own daily problems by controlling our desire, anger and ignorance, and then with this ability we can lead people throughout the world to the correct spiritual path through which they can find the real meaning of human life.

~Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso from The Mirror of Dharma

Join us for Avalokiteshvara Prayers to increase our love, compassion and ability to benefit others. Everyone welcome.

Please see calendar for details.

These prayers are held from time to time on Sundays.

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