Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Saturday Series Course

Online – Karma and Pandemics

karma and pandemics squarea two-class series
Saturday 9 and Saturday 16 May
2:30 -4pm
online (available 48 hours after broadcast)
with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden

How can we understand this global manifestation of sickness and suffering?
What is the deeper meaning to the widespread sickness appearing in our world, and what is the most practical, beneficial response we can give?

In times of crisis and suffering, an understanding of karma gives us encouragement and hope as a path to happiness that we can follow. By understanding how negative actions lead to suffering and positive actions lead to happiness, we can develop a special wisdom that keeps us peaceful in the most difficult conditions.

In this Saturday Series, our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden will explain how the special wisdom that understands karma is a powerful and meaningful tool that can help us transform adversities into meaningful teachings that bring us deep peace of mind.

This class is presented in two classes presented over two weekends – each 1.5 hour.  Each class will be available for 48 hours after the release date. We encourage you to attend both classes for the full teachings, but It is not necessary to attend both classes. Each class: 2 guided meditations and Buddhist teachings.

Karma and Pandemics – Class One – Saturday 9 May 2:30 – 4pm
Karma and Pandemics – Class Two -Saturday 16 May 2:30 – 4pm
(both classes will be available for 48 hours after broadcast)

This course will be based on the book Joyful Path of Good Fortune that is available as an eBook at

$10 a class. Free for members.