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1000-armed AvalokiteshvaraNyungne Retreat

Every year, to celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, we engage in a Nyungne retreat with the practice of 1,000-armed Avalokiteshvara, called Drop of Essential Nectar. It is a meditation on love and compassion, and a deeply effective prayer for world peace. This practice is very beneficial for purifying negative karma and for pacifying delusions.

The Nyungne retreat begins at 6.30am when we take the Mahayana Precepts, promising not to engage in negative actions of body, speech and mind for the whole day. We limit our intake of food and drink, with the intention of purifying our negative karma. Each of us does this according to our capacity. Then, we engage in prayers, prostrations and mantra recitation.

Although the purification is most powerful if we participate in all the sessions, you are welcome to join in for just part of the retreat. However, to participate in any of the retreat sessions, it is necessary to take the Mahayana Precepts at 6.30am.

You may, if you wish, bring along a token offering of food or drink.

Nyungne retreat typically takes place on April 14 and April 15 (Buddha’s Enlightenment Day) each year. Please check calendar for times.

On the 14 & 15 of April each year.

Drop of Essential Nectar - Nyungnay prayers

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