Half Day Morning Course

Overcoming Laziness

overcoming laziness imageSaturday 19 September
10am - 1pm
online and onsite
with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden

We plan to sit down to meditate, but we pick up our phone instead. We are contemplating a meaningful insight but then we ask Alexa to play a tune from the Eighties. We wake up with a bored, lazy feeling but we are too discouraged to do anything about it. Does this sound familiar? Our distractions may take different forms  than when Buddha was teaching 2500 years ago, but essentially they are the same: distractions. Distractions that arise from the laziness of attachment and the laziness of indolence. Fortunately, Buddha taught meditations to help us overcome all forms of spiritual laziness. By practicing these “opponents” to laziness, we can easily fulfil our spiritual goals and make progress toward establishing and maintaining a stable and lasting inner peace and happiness in our hearts.

If you would like to attend the in-class session, please RSVP as we have limited space. We will also be broadcasting this class via Zoom and you are welcome to attend online. Please purchase your on-line tickets via Eventbrite or interact eTransfer.

$20. Free for members.

Session Times

10am - 11:15am - Teaching and Meditation
11:15 - 11:45 break
11:45 - 1pm - Teaching and Meditation
1pm - 1:30pm  Q&A session (optional)