Seize the Day – Meditation Retreat

seize the day retreatSaturday 26 September
9:30am – 1:30pm
with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden
Following the book, the Joyful Path of Good Fortune

In Great Beyond Sorrow Sutra, Buddha says,
When many different animals have been in a field and have left their footprints, we see that it is the elephant that leaves the deepest footprint. In a similar way, when we have practiced many different meditations we will experience their effects; but it is the meditation on death that leaves the deepest imprint in our mind.

Seize the Day Retreat: Meditations on death to inspire us to accomplish the real meaning of life. For this morning retreat we will follow the traditional meditations on death using nine ways of reasoning: to gain conviction that death is certain; the time of death is uncertain; at the time of death only our practice of Dharma will be of benefit to us.

Although we intellectually understand that death is certain for us and we do not know when. Although we know that we will face death alone, we put off thinking about our death. In fact, our normal thought is, “I will not die” and we do not prepare ourselves for the inevitable. Engaging in this meditation practice will make a deep impression on our mind, like the elephant’s footprint. If we meditate on death now, we will not experience fear, frustration, anxiety and despair at our death time. We will be free of these disturbing emotions and will use our life meaningfully. Venerable Geshe-la says when we have experience of this meditation: “When death comes we will feel like a child returning to the home of its parents and we will pass away gladly.” If we are thinking about death, then we will be thinking of gathering the protections of spiritual experience for ourself and for others.

The morning retreat consists of three one-hour sessions, with a half-hour break between sessions. Each session consists of a teaching, guided meditation and time for question and answer. Everyone welcome to the seize the day retreat, regardless of background or experience.

Come and spend a meaningful Saturday morning on retreat!
$20. Free for members.

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