Stop Worrying! – Meditation Retreat

Stop Worrying! Meditation Retreat

Saturday 31 October
9:30am – 1:30pm
with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden
Following the book, the How to Understand the Mind

Worry, fear, stress, anxiety…this year has us stressed out! But instead of being overwhelmed by worry we can engage in meditation practices to completely conquer the anxious mind. Choosing to overcome these negative feelings and quieting the inner negative voice is what makes our human life meaningful. By engaging in meditation practices that give us confidence in our inner potential, we can develop a strong confident heart that can face any situation calmly with confidence.
This morning retreat consists of three meditation sessions, each focusing on a specific meditation from Buddha’s teachings to build a special confidence to overcome that inner negative voice that gives rise to fear. Join us for a meaningful Saturday with our Stop Worrying! meditation retreat.

The morning retreat consists of three one-hour sessions, with a half-hour break between sessions. Each session consists of a teaching, guided meditation and time for question and answer. Everyone is welcome to our stop worrying meditation retreat, regardless of background or experience.

Come and spend a meaningful Saturday morning on retreat and stop worrying!
$20. Free for members.

Members, please register in the members area. If you are a non-member and are would like to attend the onsite class, you are welcome to pay at the door (cash or cheque).

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