Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully

Saturday Series Course

Online Retreat – The Magical Healing Practice of Taking and Giving

taking and givingSaturday 13 June
4 sessions with Zoom
with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden

There are four main benefits of the meditations on taking and giving: they are powerful methods (1) to purify the potentialities of non-virtuous actions that cause us to experience incurable diseases such as cancer; (2) to accumulate a great collection of merit; (3) to ripen our potentiality to be able to benefit all living beings; and (4) to purify our mind. ~ Modern Buddhism

This Saturday Series class will be an online day retreat in four sessions with our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden. Kunden will give a short teaching in each session and guide precious meditations on taking and giving; meditations that have been practiced for centuries by accomplished meditation masters. Taking and giving meditations are renowned for healing our body and mind,  deepening our love, compassion, and increasing our wisdom. Come and join us on this day retreat and deepen your experience of taking and giving meditation.

These sessions will be guided on Zoom. When you register for the classes you will receive a two links: one for the two morning sessions and another link for the afternoon sessions. Everyone is welcome to join us for the day, regardless of previous experience.

This course will be based on the book Modern Buddhism

$20 for four sessions. Free for members.

Session Times:

Session One: 9 – 10:15am
Session Two: 11 – 12:15pm

Session Three: 3 – 4:15pm
Session Four: 4:45 – 6pm