Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully

Saturday Series Course

Online – The Wisdom Of Imagination: Following the Path of Tantra

wisdom of imaginationJoin us for two 1.5 hour classes:
Saturday 30 May & Saturday 6 June
2:30 -4pm
online (available 48 hours after broadcast)
with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden

Buddha taught that the mind has the power to create all pleasant and unpleasant objects. The world is the result of the karma, or actions, of the beings who inhabit it. A pure world is the result of pure actions and an impure world is the result of impure actions. Since all actions are crated by mind, ultimately everything, including the world itself, is created by mind. There is no creator other than mind.

Understanding that our self, our body, our mind and our all things are appearances to mind, we harness the power of our imagination by following Buddha’s instructions.  With the motivation of a supreme good heart that wishes to bring benefit to all living beings, we engage in Tantra practice. In this way,  we can use the wisdom of  imagination to accomplish a pure mind and a pure world for both ourselves and others.

In this Saturday, two-class series , our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden, will give an introduction to Tantra practice and guide  meditations to give us some experience of Tantric practice.  Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of background and meditation experience.

This course will be based on the book Modern Buddhism which can be downloaded for free at the link provided.

Class One: Saturday 30 May
Class Two: Saturday 6 June

Class will be available for viewing for 48 hours after broadcast.

$10 a class. Free for members.