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Meditations to Deal With Difficulties

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weekly meditation classesThe pure compassion of a Buddha is able to ceaseless benefit all living beings. If we all have Buddha seed or potential for this unlimited compassion how can we awaken this compassionate potential to heal ourselves and the world around us? We can awaken the pure potential by engaging in the practices of a Bodhisattva – the six perfections.

This Spring and Summer, we will get some experience of the Bodhisattva’s perfections of: giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom – practices to increase our own positive happy and peaceful minds and that will turn empower us to benefit others – our family, friends, community – and eventually, all living beings.

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This August we will learn how we can deal with all difficulties in our Wednesday meditation class by increasing our practice of patience.  There are many logical reasonings we can apply to overcome our negative responses to difficult situations and difficult people. We can choose to respond in way that will benefit both our ourselves and others with the application of the spacious mind of patience. Through meditations, contemplations and practice in our daily life, we can become patient, content and happy in even the most difficult times. In this way we will bring great meaning to our life. us for meditation classes this August. Everyone welcome.

Each week is a new topic. We offer class by onsite and online on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Join us for Wednesday meditation class!

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August 12

Meditations to Deal With Difficulties

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Meditations to Deal With Difficulties

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Meditations to Deal With Difficulties