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Increasing Our Patience in Daily Life



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weekly meditation classesThe pure compassion of a Buddha is able to ceaseless benefit all living beings. If we all have Buddha seed or potential for this unlimited compassion how can we awaken this compassionate potential to heal ourselves and the world around us? We can awaken the pure potential by engaging in the practices of a Bodhisattva – the six perfections.

This Spring and Summer, we will get some experience of the Bodhisattva’s perfections of: giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom – practices to increase our own positive happy and peaceful minds and that will turn empower us to benefit others – our family, friends, community – and eventually, all living beings.

Join our Wednesday meditation class this July

Our meditation classes this July will focus deepening our practice of patience. By patience we do not mean “gritting our teeth” and bearing it but instead a deep patience that is experienced by a peaceful mind, free from problems. This patience comes from increasing our wisdom and our compassion. Over the month of July, we will learn how we can be patient, content and happy in even the most difficult times, by increasing our inner wisdom and compassion for others.

In each class we will have the opportunity to contemplate and understand how we can improve the practice of benefitting others and heal the world around us with meditations, contemplations and practice in our daily life. Join us for meditation classes this July. Everyone welcome.

Each week is a new topic. We offer class by onsite and online on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Join us for Wednesday meditation class!

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July 8

Increasing Our Patience in Daily Life – Recognizing the Inner Enemy of Anger

Learn to recognize the most subtle forms of anger by applying mindfulness.

July 15

Increasing Our Patience in Daily Life – How does anger arise?

We normally blame others for our anger but others are not the cause. Where does our anger come from?

July 22

Increasing Our Patience in Daily Life – The Power of Restraint

With the intention to increase our love and consideration for others we experience the beneficial power of restraint.

July 29

Increasing Our Patience in Daily Life – The Powerful Mind of Patience

Patience is one of the most powerful causes of happiness. Lets experience more of this mind!