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Amitayus Retreat

Amitayus Retreat

The meditation practice of Buddha Amitayus is a profound and effective method for improving our energy, life force and wisdom. The contemplations and meditations contained in the practice enable us to let go of ordinary conceptions so that we can begin to identify with our pure potential.

Amitayus retreat
Through the practice of Amitayus, we can enjoy a long life, wisdom and merit, and free ourselves from inner and outer obstacles.

By improving our own nature, the normal stresses of daily life become easier to manage, and we become empowered to express kindness and concern for others.

amitayus retreat mantras
In this retreat we draw closer to Amitayus through meditation, visualization and mantra recitation. Through engaging in this practice regularly, we can increase our long life, our wisdom and our merit.

This retreat is held once a year in the winter. Everyone welcome to our Amitayus retreat.

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For personal practice:

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Amitayus Long Life Retreat

January 29 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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