Avalokiteshvara Prayers

buddha of compassion

Avalokiteshvara Prayers

Avalokiteshvara prayers

Avalokiteshvara is the Buddha of compassion – a manifestation of the compassion of all the Buddhas. By engaging in Avalokiteshvara sadhana we train in a special method for increasing our compassion and awakening our Buddha nature.

Avalokiteshvara usually appears as white in colour with four arms. His first two hands are pressed together at his heart, symbolizing his repsect for his Spiritual Guide, Buddha Amitabha, who is on his crown. If we rely sincerely upon Avalokiteshvara and recite his mantra with strong faith, temporarily we will imprive our realizations of the stages of the path, especially our realizaiotn of great compassion, and ultimately we will attain supreme Buddhahood in Avalokiteshvara’s Pure Land the Pure Land of Bliss.

We engage in Avalokiteshvara prayers – Avalokiteshvara Sadhana, from time to time at the Centre. Everyone is welcome to join us for Avalokiteshvara prayers.

For personal practice:

Avalokiteshvara Prayers

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