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Controlling the Wild Elephant Mind

Endure Both Whatever Arises – Freedom From the Eight Worldly Concerns

Wednesday 22 April 7 – 8:30pm

Pure practitioners make use of both good and bad circumstances to develop their spiritual practice, instead of allowing them to impede it.  ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Universal Compassion

In this class, we will look at Buddha’s teachings on the eight worldly concerns – our obsessive concern to experiencing only good conditions and our fear of undesirable conditions. We can overcome these worldly concerns with pure practice so that our mind is peaceful and undisturbed, whatever the circumstance.

Learn techniques to control this wild elephant mind and avoid coming under the influence of negative, suffering minds. We can learn to control all the adverse situations we find ourselves in, into a meaningful practice that will increase our compassion and wisdom.

This class is based on Training the Mind in Seven Points by twelfth century Bodhisattva, Geshe Chekhawa.

We offer this class by livestream two times each week to make it easier for people to attend:

Sundays 2:30 – 4pm (first class of the week)
Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm (second class of the week).

Sign up for classes you wish to attend on the Livestream page. You will be emailed a link in your confirmation.

$10. Free for members. Members please sign into the members area at akbc.ca to view.