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Living in the Moment

Teachings on subtle impermanence and the path to happiness
Saturday 22 June
10am – 4pm
with Kelsang Kunden

Buddha taught about two different type so impermanence – gross and subtle. Gross is the things that we can see with our eyes – the seasons, tress growing and rivers flowing. We can see in general how in tune we are with this the happier we are.
Subtle impermanence we cannot see with our eyes. We can only see with our mind. Subtle impermanence means nothing remains for even a moment. When we speak we are not the same person who started the thought. Understanding subtle impermanence has the power to change our life and open the door to liberation. Even a glimpse of subtle impermanence brings with it a letting go of our usual grasping at what we consider to be our problems and our limitations. It frees us to fully embrace every moment of our lives. In this special day course, Kelsang Kunden will explain and guide meditations on the experience of subtle impermanence so that we can begin to live more fully in the moment. Everyone is welcome.

$35. Refreshments included.


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