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Topic for June – Benefitting Others with Mindfulness

This June, we will learn how to rely and improve our practice of mindfulness and alertness to benefit others. Sometimes, our actions can be clumsy – even thoughtless. How can we improve this situation and be more skilful with our actions and our speech? We can learn to practice like a Bodhisattva, motivated by a mind of loving kindness, we can learn to be more skilful with those around us. By practicing consideration for others with mindfulness, our own inner peace will increase and our relationships will become more harmonious.

In each class we will have the opportunity to contemplate and understand how we can improve the practice of benefitting others and heal the world around us with meditations, contemplations and practice in our daily life.

We offer this class by livestream two times each week to make it easier for people to attend:
Sundays 2:30 – 4pm (first class of the week)
Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm (second class of the week)

$10. Free for members. Members please sign into the members area to view.

Join us for mediation classes this June:

Wed 3 June & Sun 7 June – Seeing Kindness Everywhere
Wed 10 June & Sun 14 June – Considering Our Thoughts
Wed 17 June & Sun 21 June – Considering Our Speech
Wed 24 June & Sun 28 June – Considering Our Actions