Centre Cherishing

will be held on the last Saturday morning of each month from 10 am – 11:30am.

Upcoming Centre Cherishing dates:

Saturday 25 May

Come along and cherish the Centre for an hour and a half one Saturday morning a month. . This community get-together is a wonderful opportunity to engage in cleaning, decorating, fixing, publicity and many other activities that help Dharma to flourish in Guelph and the surrounding areas. Avalokiteshvara Centre is wholly run by volunteers, so any help that you can give is appreciated.

Would you like to help the Dharma flourish in Southwestern Ontario?  Consider volunteering your time at the Centre.  Since the Centre is established for the benefit of all, when you help out a Centre, you indirectly benefit all living beings.  There are many ways in which you can get involved:

  • Attend Centre Cherishing days (monthly)
  • Help distribute publicity
  • Offer your skills and artistry
  • Make prayers and dedications