Centre Retreats at AKBC

1000-armed Avalokiteshvara

Nyungne Retreat

12 & 13 April
with Kelsang Kunden

Nyungne is a special purification ritual practice in conjunction with prayers to the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, using the sadhana Drop of Essential Nectar. It is very powerful for purifying negative karma of body, speech and mind and for pacifying strong delusions such as uncontrolled desire, anger and jealousy. It is also a special method for improving our experience of love, compassion and bodhichitta.

Precepts 6:30am
Sessions are at 7am, 9:30am, 3pm.

Please note, to attend the Nyungne purification retreat, it is necessary to take precepts on the day that you are attending.

Guru Sumati Buddha HerukaShelter from the Storm
Refuge – Great Preliminary Guide Retreat

Fri 3 & Sat 4 May
9:30 am –  4 pm
with Kelsang Kunden

Join us for a guided meditation retreat on Refuge according to the Great Preliminary Guides. Kelsang Kunden will guide three sessions Refuge according to the Great Preliminary Guides from Oral Instructions of Mahamudra by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. In this retreat we will follow the Great Preliminary Guide Practices with prayers: 100 Deities of the Joyful Land According to Highest Yoga Tantra. In each session Kunden will give a short teaching.  This retreat will deepen our practice of refuge. Also, the retreat will be an opportunity for Highest Yoga Tantra practitioners to begin the Great Preliminary Guide of Refuge.

Session Times
9:30 – 11am
11:30 – 1pm
2:30 – 4pm
4:30 – 5:15pm Heart Jewel Friday & Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog Saturday


Free for Centre Members.

Lamrim retreatLamrim Retreat

4 – 10 January
9pm – 5pm

Join us for a meditation retreat on Lamrim (the stages of the path to enlightenment). This retreat that will enable us to go deeper into our meditation to gain deeper experience of Buddha’s essential teachings.

Session Times
9am – 10:15pm
10:45 – 12pm
2pm – 3:15pm
3:45pm – 5pm
The retreat will end with Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers at 2pm on Thursday 10 January.

Each session will consist of a teachings, time for individual reading and contemplation and a guided meditation and question and answer. Day by day we will progress through the stages of the path from realizing our precious human life to the developing the wisdom of superior seeing. Everyone welcome, regardless of background or experience.

Come to one session, or come to them all. No registration necessary.

$7 per session | $25 per day.
Free for Centre Members.