Day Courses at AKBC

summer festival review

Summer Festival Review . and Lamrim Retreat

REVIEW: Saturday 25 August
10 – 4pm

LAMRIM RETREAT: Sunday 26 August
9 – 5:30pm

Join Kelsang Kunden for a summer day course at AKBC. Kunden will review the essential Lamrim (stages of the path to enlightenment) teachings from the Summer Festival in the UK this summer. This special commentary to the Summer Festival teachings will energize our meditations and contemplations on those meaningful objects that will bring ourselves and others great benefit.

This course will be followed on Sunday by a Lamrim Retreat on the Great Scope – Meditations on developing the supreme good heart of Bodhichitta. It is not necessary to attend the day course to attend the retreat.

Day course $35. Retreat $20.
Day course and Retreat: $45.

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The Heart Sutra Day Courses

The Heart Sutra – Profound Teachings from Buddha’s Heart

Saturday 1 December
10 – 4pm

Form is empty; emptiness is form.
Emptiness is not other than form;
Form also is not other than emptiness.
~ excerpt from The Heart Sutra from The New Heart of Wisdom.

The Heart Sutra explains Buddha’s most profound teachings on the which explain emptiness – the true nature of reality.   Through understanding this teaching we can attain permanent peace and happiness for ourselves and for others. Join us in this special day course with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden as she gives us the commentary to the Heart Sutra and draw closer to the real meaning of emptiness.

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