White TaraFreedom from all Fear

Empowerment of Buddha White Tara
and teachings on faith

Nov 9 – 11, 2018
at Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada. Toronto

with National Spiritual Director
Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab


About the Celebration

At the annual Ontario Dharma Celebration, an opportunity for students of Ontario Centres to celebrate together, Gen-la Khyenrab will bestow the empowerment of Buddha White Tara. White Tara is a female enlightened being whose function is to bestow long life, good fortune and wisdom. The compassion of all the Buddhas appears in the form of Arya WhiteTara. 
If we rely upon her with faith she will protect us from heavy diseases such as cancer and she will protect us from the dangers of fire and many other fears and disasters. If we are wise we will wish to receive the blessings of this enlightened being in order to benefit ourself and others.  Gen-la Khyenrab will give a commentary to the practice of White Tara and teachings on how to develop and maintain the three types of faith.