Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist CentreCovid-19 Notice

for June 15, 2020


Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre will be open for classes from Wednesday 17 June. Following the Ontario and Wellington County guidelines, we are permitted to open to 30% of our capacity to allow for social distancing. Our Wednesday and Sunday classes will be also be offered online via live-stream, and everyone is welcome to join from the comfort of your home.

Because we have limited availability for classes, we ask that you RSVP online or by texting 226.486,2417 (please state your name in the text) at least 2 hours before class starts to reserve a seat. Currently we offer two classes a week: Sunday 2:30 – 4pm and Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm. However if there is a lot of interest in attending the physical class, we will add evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate everyone. Please stay tuned for more information on additional classes. We will update this covid-19 notice regularly, so please check back to keep up to date!

To attend our classes in person:

You must not:

  • Be feeling unwell. Please do not attend if you have a fever, cough, cold etc
  • Not have had contact with someone diagnosed with covid-19 in the past 21 days
  • Not have travelled outside Ontario

You will be required to:

  • Give your name and telephone number
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry to the Centre
  • Wear a face mask while at the Centre. You will also need one to enter the building. We can provide you with a mask.
  • Observe social distancing (chairs are spaced to help with this)

The Centre will be sanitized thoroughly before and after class.

These conditions have been put in place to provide the best possible conditions for our meditation classes. If you cannot meet any of these conditions right now, you are welcome to join us via live-stream for our Sunday and Wednesday General Program class, our Tuesday meditation class, and our half day courses and full day retreats.


Prayers will no longer be live-streamed from the Centre. Instead you are welcome to attend our daily chanted prayers in person if you can meet the above conditions. If you are unable to attend Centre prayers, you are welcome to attend the live-stream prayer sessions from Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada in Toronto or at any Canadian or international Centre of your choice.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our members and students for your support over the past few months. We are very thankful of our Kadampa community in Guelph and other cities Ontario who have been attending our classes and supporting the Centre through these interesting times.

Please keep in your heart the advice we received from Venerable Geshe-la in April:

Dear everybody,
Although we can see an unusual situation which is causing people to be worried and to suffer, I would like to suggest that through using our wisdom we try to make ourself happy and everyone happy; which means we should stop worrying. I will personally pray for you all and your families.
with much love and blessings,
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso