21 Meditations – Exchanging Self With Others

changing the object of our cherishing

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Classes are simultaneously onsite and online. We have limited seating onsite to practice social distancing. If you are agree to the covid-19 rules, we are very happy to have you here. Please text 226486.2417 at least a half hour before class to reserve your seat. Or feel free to join us via zoom via the links below.

21 Meditations – Exchanging Self With Others
Changing the Object of Our Cherishing

online and onsite with Kelsang Kunden

Join us on Tuesday evenings with our Twenty-one Meditations class. These twenty-one meditations are a condensation of all Buddha’s teachings, presented by the Indian Buddhist master Atisha when he taught in Tibet over a thousand years ago.  They are known as the Lamrim or the “stages of the path to Enlightenment”. These twenty-one meditations encompass the entire Mahayana Buddhist path. Meditating and contemplating lamrim is a practical method to transform our mind from negative to positive, to grow our supreme good heart and inner wisdom,  and to solve our own and others’ problems. If we gain deep experience of Lamrim there will be no basis for problems; we shall be completely free of them.

In each class we will engage in one lamrim (stages of the path to Enlightenment) meditation. Each class will consist of a guided breathing meditation, followed by a teaching to familiarize ourselves with the points to contemplate. This will be followed by a guided meditation on the lamrim meditation. After the meditation, there will be advice on how we can put our new understanding into practice in our daily life. In this way, we can deepen our experience of the lamrim meditation in the week ahead.

This class is based on the thirteenth lamrim meditation: Exchanging Self With Others. Changing the object of our cherishing from ourself to others to develop the supreme good heart.


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