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Being Happy…for Others
a half day meditation course
online & onsite

Saturday 1 May
Live-streamed (available online until May 4)

What happens if we learn to appreciate and take delight in the good fortune, virtue and happiness of others? We share in their happiness. We increase our own merit or good fortune and we create the karma to attain those qualities we appreciate ourselves. If we step out of our egocentric and self-centred view for a moment, a whole world opens up to us. By putting ourself in another person’s place, we can share in their happiness and abandon the pain of jealousy completely. By engaging in the practice of rejoicing, being happy for others, we can quickly and easily make great spiritual progress and increase our own positive minds. It seems clear that for everyone, regardless of religious views, learning to rejoice can really make for a much happier life.
Join our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden this Saturday morning in May with teachings, meditations to train in the practice of rejoicing.
Everyone welcome.

The half day course will be live-streamed with Zoom and available for online viewing for all registered attendees until 2:30pm May 4.

$20. Free for members

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