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half day meditation course

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Blue Sky Mind
a half day meditation course

Saturday 1 October
10 – 1pm
In person only
with Gen Kelsang Kunden

Our mind is extremely powerful, endlessly creating our experiences, but until we develop concentration we have no means to harness our mind’s power and use it to deeply transform our life and our world. Meditation on nature and function of the mind is one of the best ways to train in concentration. By training in concentration, we will develop greater peace in our mind, we will have fewer distractions, we will experience greater contentment, and we will be able to focus freely on whatever we wish, creating extraordinary change in our lives. Learn to watch the mind from within and train in concentration.

blue sky mind

Join Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden for a half day course meditating on the nature and function of the mind.  This half day course is suitable for beginners and for for advanced meditators who need to refresh their practice. Everyone is welcome.

$25. Includes refreshments. Free for members

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How to Attend Courses

How to attend a class
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What to Expect at a Course

Our half day, day and weekend courses are for everyone who is interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or beliefs, and for those who would like to delve deeper into Buddhist practice. Our half day courses are designed to look at how we can integrate Buddha’s teaching into our life to solve our daily problems and difficulties. Every class includes a chance to practise meditation. No prior experience, special equipment or special clothes are necessary for our courses – just come as you are.

Half Day Courses
Generally run from 1 – 4 pm with two session that are 1 hour and 15 minutes each with a 30 minute break in between.

Day Courses
Generally run from 10 – 4pm with three sessions. There is generally a longer break for lunch. Students are invited to bring a lunch to the centre or to pick up lunch at many of the restaurants nearby.

What to expect in a course
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