Discover No Self - Class Three

half-day summer course

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Discover ‘No Self’
half-day meditation course
over 3 Saturdays

Class Three
Saturday 19 August
10am – 1pm
In person | livestream option for members
with Gen Kelsang Kunden

Venerable Geshe-la teaches: “In each of our lives due to ignorance, we grasp our body or mind as our self, thinking, ‘I’ ‘I’, where there is no I, or self. Through this we experience the sufferings of this life and countless future lives as hallucinations endlessly.”

Buddha taught that the root of samsara, the source of all our suffering and problems, is self-grasping ignorance. There is an “I” that we cherish, always thinking “I, I’ but where is this I? When we search for this I with the wisdom of Buddha’s teachings, we cannot find it. When we understand deeply that the I that we cherish does not exist in the way that we think it does, we become free from samsara and its suffering .

Discover no self - emptiness course

This three-part retreat we will explore the subject of the self and the emptiness of the self. During this time we will contemplate and meditate on the seven-fold reasoning to identify that self that we grasp at and to prove that this self that we normally see does not exist at all. By gaining familiarity with the truth of emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality, we naturally become more easy-going and grasp onto things less tightly. With this deep realisation of the true nature of things, all our problems fall away are we experience lasting inner peace.

This course is based on Modern Buddhism and Ocean of Nectar

This course will take place over 3 mornings this summer: June 24, July 15, and August 19. Each course is stand-alone. Attend one or attend them all. Livestream option available for members, please contact if you would like to sign up for the livestream link.

Over these three summer classes, we will have time to investigate and contemplate the deep meaning of these teachings and to apply them to our daily experience.  Suitable for all levels. Everyone is welcome.

$25 a course | $75 for 3 courses. Includes refreshments. Free for members

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