Freedom from Disappointment

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Classes are simultaneously onsite and online. We have limited seating onsite to practice social distancing. If you are agree to the covid-19 rules, we are very happy to have you here. Please text 226486.2417 at least a half hour before class to reserve your seat. Or feel free to join us via zoom via the links below.

Freedom from Disappointment
half day morning course
Saturday 12 December

online and onsite with Kelsang Kunden

We have all had the experience – time and time again – of expectations crashing to the ground and that familiar feeling of disappointment arising in our mind. Where does this disappointment come from? Although it seems to come from the people, places and things around us, in reality it comes from uncontrolled desire, or attachment, in arising in our mind. Disappointment is a painful emotion that we can overcome with meditation and contemplations from Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths. Through training our mind in this way, we can begin to let go of unrealistic expectations and their subsequent disappointments and instead experience a balanced, stable and happy mind.

In this half day morning course, Kelsang Kunden will explain meaningful contemplations and meditations that will protect us from feelings of disappointment so that we can maintain a positive, happy and balanced mind whatever situation arises. Join us and enjoy freedom from disappointment.

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