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Healing the Past
a half day meditation course
online & onsite

Saturday 6 December
1 – 4pm
Live-streamed only. No replays

We often have trouble letting go of painful events in our past. Carrying this “baggage” eventually affects the way we respond to our situations in our daily life today. Instead of responding to others and situations in a healthy and meaningful way, we often react by blaming, getting defensive, or hardening our heart. During this half day course we will identify the real source of pain so we can heal ourselves and fulfil our limitless potential for unlimited peace and happiness.

healing the past

Session One: The first part of the course we will investigate why we hold onto past painful events. By understanding the process, we can learn to let go.

Session Two: In this session we will focus on contemplations and meditations that allow us to let go, change, and connect with our pure potential.

Join our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden for our half day course on healing the past. This course is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Everyone is welcome.

The half day course will be live-streamed with Zoom for those who would like to join us online. There is limited seating available. Please text us at 226.486.2417 to reserve a seat in class.

$25 or $15 a session. Free for members

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Reserve your seat by texting 226.486.2417  and pay at the door when you arrive.

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