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How to Be Happy in Uncertain Times

how to be happy in uncertain timesTuesdays 7-8:30pm
from July 7

onsite at AKBC with Kelsang Kunden
online via Zoom with Kelsang Legden

The sickness, poverty, injustice and uncertainty in the world can be overwhelming if we feel that it is impossible to find happiness. But Buddha taught that it is not only possible for us to find happiness in these uncertain times, training in happiness is essential. Without training the ability to uproot our negative minds- our fears and anxieties and unhappiness, they will remain in our mind where they will continue to cause us mental pain. Moreover, by uprooting these negativities and discovering our own potential for happiness, we will begin to make a positive impact in the world around us.  Everyone can ripen their potential for an authentic stable happiness, no matter what the external conditions. 

Please join us for a series of meditations, and teachings. Through putting these teachings into practice, we can realize our pure potential for a peaceful and happy mind. Classes are drop in and open to everyone. Regardless of background, religion or previous experience.

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