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Love Without Pain
a half day meditation course

Saturday 5 February
1 – 4pm
Available on-demand for registered attendees until February 12

Why do our relationships cause us pain? It is because we have a mind of uncontrolled desire, or attachment, instead of a mind of love. Attachment eats away at our relationships and creates problems and difficulties. Pure love on the other hand, will only bring us happiness. We can all generate and maintain pure love through training in contemplation and meditation. By distinguishing the differences between love and attachment, we will create a path to healthy, happy relationships. Learning to truly love without conditions will awaken our heart and our good nature. This course will also help us begin to heal suffering that has been caused by our uncontrolled desire in the past.

love without pain - half day course

In this half-day course, our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden, will explain how to recognize the delusion of attachment in our mind, how to decrease that negative mind, and how to generate and increase our minds of love.

Join our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden for our half day course on Love Without Pain and overcome those painful feelings in our relationships. Everyone is welcome.

The half day course will be live-streamed with Zoom for those who would like to join us online. There is limited seating available. Please text us at 226.486.2417 to reserve a seat in class.

$25. Free for members

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