Offering to the Spiritual Guide Oct 10

October 10

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“By relying on Je Tsongkhapa our compassion, wisdom and spiritual power naturally increase.

~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso — from Great Treasury of Merit

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

October 10

Offering to the spiritual guide prayers

This practice is a special Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa in conjunction with Highest Yoga Tantra that is a preliminary practice for Vajrayana Mahamudra. The main practice is relying upon our Spiritual Guide as a Buddha and making praises and requests, but it also includes all the essential practices of the stages of the path and training the mind, as well as both the generation stage and completion stage of Highest Yoga Tantra. By relying upon Je Tsongkhapa our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power naturally increase. (2 hours)

Can’t come to the Centre -join us on our YouTube channel.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers on the 10th and 25th of each month. On the 10th of each month, we engage in the Long Life Offering to the Spiritual Guide. This is a tsog offering puja, so please bring a small food offering. Everyone is welcome to join us for these prayers.

Attending Prayers (Pujas):

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