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Refuge Retreat 2022

April 2
To Celebrate NKT Day and
Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre’s 5 Year Anniversary in Guelph

If we do not have a practice of refuge in the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – we will not enter Buddhism. As a result, we will have no opportunity to attain permanent liberation from suffering or the supreme happiness of Enlightenment. Then we will have lost the real meaning of our human life.

refuge retreat - Buddha Shakyamuni

The foundation of the Buddhist way of life is to go for refuge to the Three Jewels: to Buddha, to guide us along the spiritual path to enlightenment; to Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) to protect us from fear and suffering; and to Sangha (those practising Buddha’s teachings) to inspire us, show a good example and to help us along the path to inner peace.

Lamrim retreat - meditation room at AKBC

The retreat will be a one day retreat on NKT Day, April 2.  The first Saturday in April commemorates the founding of NKTIKBU by Venerable Geshe Kelsang in 1991. We can celebrate the flourishing of Kadam Dharma with our refuge practice so that all living beings might quickly find permanent inner peace.

This retreat is also our anniversary celebration – Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre – has been five year’s in Guelph. The retreat will be followed by Offering to the Spiritual Guide Prayers at 4:30 to Celebrate NKT day and AKBC’s 5 year anniversary.  Please bring a small food offering, stay for the prayers, and enjoy a “tsog” party celebration after. Everyone welcome!

$20. Free for members.
No charge to come for Offering to the Spiritual Guide Prayers
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Retreat Schedule

Retreat Fees for full retreat:
Non-Members: $20 day.

Members: Free
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Purchase the eBooklet and mp3 at Tharpa.com/ca

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