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Overcoming Anxiety Silent Retreat
a half day meditation course

Saturday 9 December
10am – 1pm
In person only
with Gen Kelsang Kunden

Meditation is a powerful tool to overcome painful negative thoughts and feelings of worry, stress and anxiety. The function of meditation is to make the mind calm and peaceful, and through regular meditation training, we can quiet the steady streams of thoughts that contribute to anxiety, and recognise and abandon those thought patterns that cause our stress and worry.

overcoming anxiety silent retreat

Join us for a special Saturday morning meditation course, suitable for all levels, to gain experience of three meditations to let go the stress and worry in our mind.

This will be a silent meditation three-hour meditation retreat. Each session will consist of short teachings, prayers and meditations. This quiet time between sessions, will help us maintain our mindfulness between sessions.

$25. Includes refreshments. Free for members