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Normally, when we try to mediate on a virtuous object, such as our precious human rebirth, impermanence or emptiness, our mind does not stay tranquilly placed on that object. Instead it is constantly distracted elsewhere. At such times the mind is like a candle flame blown about by the wind. Such a flickering light does not allow us to see things clearly. Similarly for as long as our mind is blown about by distractions we cannot focus on our object of meditation clearly. If we could construct a protective screen of concentration around our mind, the focus of our meditation would become unmovable and we would have an undisturbed view of any virtuous object we choose.

~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Meaningful to Behold

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tranquil abidingTranquil Abiding Retreat

Thursday 25 March – Introduction (Live-stream)
7 – 8:30pm
Friday 26 & Saturday 27
Course available online until April 4. 

This retreat is an opportunity for us to deepen our concentration. For this retreat, we will meditate on the conventional nature of the mind in each meditation session over a two-day period.  Meditation on the nature of our mind is a traditional and powerful way to train in concentration. In order to ensure that everyone is prepared for this retreat, you are asked to attend the retreat introduction on Thursday 25 March at 7pm.  Attending the Clarity of the Mind  course on Saturday 20 March will be helpful, although not necessary, to attend this retreat.

The retreat will consist of 8 sessions, each session with a teaching, short prayers and meditation.

There will be an introduction to retreat on Thursday 25 March. The retreat will continue in 8 sessions from Friday morning to Saturday late afternoon.  These sessions will be available as online until April 4 for registered attendees.

Retreat Fees for full retreat:
Level One & Two Members (GP and FP): Free. Please sign up in Members’ area.
Level Three (FP Only) and Four: $25
Non-Members: $50.

If you would like to attend the introduction only, please contact us.

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