Wednesday Meditation – November 11

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Covid-19 Update

<h3>Classes are simultaneously onsite and online. We have limited seating onsite to practice social distancing. If you are agree to the covid-19 rules, we are very happy to have you here. Please text 226486.2417 at least a half hour before class to reserve your seat. Or feel free to join us via zoom via the links below.</h3>
<h2>The Peace of Concentration</h2>
<h4 class=”fusion-responsive-typography-calculated” data-fontsize=”15″ data-lineheight=”25.05px”>online and onsite with <a href=””>Kelsang Kunden</a></h4>
<p data-key=”29″><span data-key=”30″><strong data-slate-leaf=”true”>“When the mind is free from the clouds of distracting conceptions it becomes bright and clear, like a cloudless sky”
~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso</strong></span></p>
<p data-key=”31″><span data-key=”32″>We all have the ability to concentrate and focus. Concentration makes our mind lucid and peaceful. When we focus our mind in a positive way, we experience a positive and peaceful mind. Feelings of unease and discontent vanish and feelings of inner peace and happiness increase. We learn how to develop this ability through meditation practice. Through familiarity with meditation practice we will able to maintain this inner peace throughout all our daily activities.</span></p>
<p data-key=”33″><span data-key=”34″><strong data-slate-leaf=”true”>Join Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden this November with meditation practices to improve your concentration, your own inner peace and happiness. </strong></span></p>

Classes are all standalone individual classes that are presented in a series. You do not need to attend the full series to drop into a class. Drop in with Zoom or come along to the Centre! These classes are suitable for all backgrounds and all experiences. Everyone welcome.</span></p>

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