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Covid-19 Update

Classes are simultaneously onsite and online. We have limited seating onsite to practice social distancing. If you are agree to the covid-19 rules, we are very happy to have you here. Please text 226486.2417 at least a half hour before class to reserve your seat. Or feel free to join us via zoom via the links below.

Wisdom Understanding Karma
half day meditation retreat

online and onsite with Kelsang Kunden

Why do bad things happen to us? How can I prepare for the future happiness of myself and others? Spend a morning meditating on karma. This wisdom that understands karma clears the fog of confusion from our mind. This is the confusion that gives rise to anger, jealousy, fear and other delusions. By considering situations from the perspective of karma, we can be released from these delusions and the mental pain that they give rise to.
This Saturday morning retreat has three sessions. In these sessions we will meditate on karma so that we will be encouraged to abandon negative action that will lead to future problems. We will also spend meditation time on releasing accumulated negative karma from our mind through relying on the power of Buddha’s blessings.

The morning retreat consists of three one-hour sessions, with a half-hour break between sessions. Each session consists of a teaching, guided meditation and time for question and answer.  and a guided meditation and question and answer. Everyone is welcome to our wisdom understanding karma meditation retreat, regardless of background or experience.

$20. Free for members.

Session Times

Session One: 9:30 – 10:30am Teaching and Meditation
Session Two: 11 – 12pm Teaching and Meditation
Session Three: 12:30 – 1:30pm Teaching and Meditation

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