Questions about Membership?

No. Everyone is welcome to attend our classes, courses, prayers and retreats. Prayers held at the Centre are free and we offer free meditations onsite (when covid restrictions allow). Our classes, courses and retreats can all be paid for by a “drop-in”, one time payment basis. For onsite classes, we also offer series passes -$40 for 4 classes.

A) You can sign up online by using the sign-up buttons above. Alternatively, you can sign up at the Centre when you come to class.

A) As soon as your membership is activated, you will be able to access your membership account by logging into the membership site from our home page at This will take you to our membership software, Wild Apricot. From here you will see all the classes, courses, and retreats that you are able attend online or onsite (when possible due to covid restrictions). Just click the link and come along. Or if you are attending onsite, send a text to let us know you are coming. You will also be able to view your account statement and payment history.

A) If you sign up online using Paypal, your membership will automatically renew each month using the credit card you registered with. If you sign up choose to pay with Interact eTransfer, you will receive an invoice the day before your membership is due. You can send your payment by interact eTransfer to  Alternatively, you can pay securely through Paypal with monthly recurring payments here. It is also possible to pay by cash at the Centre or post-dated cheques. Please contact us at to arrange payment with post-dated cheques.

A) There are two start dates depending upon how you register:

  • Onsite membership registration: your membership begins immediately.
  • Online registration: please give us 24 hours to activate your membership. Your membership begins as soon as it is activated.

A) We ask that you pay your membership as soon as it is due. If you are paying through Paypal with automatic recurring payments or with post-dated cheques, your membership will automatically renew. If payment is not received, there is a 7-day grace period before your membership will become lapsed. At this time, you will no longer be able to access on the online links. After 21 days your membership is suspended. As soon as payment is received your account will become active again.

A) No. Membership benefits apply to one adult member only and are not transferable.

A) No. AKBC is part of a global organization and we have many Kadampa Centres worldwide. Each of our Centers are independently registered organizations, so your AKBC membership only covers classes and events directly affiliated with and organized by AKBC.

A) We request a three-month minimum commitment for Level One – General Program and a six-month commitment for Level Two – FP. Once your membersip is initiated, your membership will automatically renew each month. Membership can be cancelled by emailing Please give two-weeks notice for cancellation. If you cancel your membership before the end of the 3-month or 6-month commitment period, you will need to wait three months before you can start a new membership.

A) No, membership at AKBC is not tax-deductible. You have the option when you become a member to add a monthly donation to your membership. If you would like to support AKBC’s classes, please consider making a regular or one-time donation at

This sometimes happens. The membership software we use, automatically generates and emails an invoice to you each month. Sometimes this invoice is still generated after payment has been received. No worries. Your payment has very likely been recorded in our system. You can log into your account and see an up-to-date account of all your invoices and payments. If you have any questions, please email

questions about membership