public talkFreedom From Painful Emotions
a public talk

with Kelsang Kunden
Thursday 2 May
7 – 8:30pm

Glen Williams Town Hall
1 Prince St, Georgetown
L7G 2X1

Why is it that peaceful and happy minds elude us? Why can we not enjoy peaceful minds all the time? In this special talk, we will explore  negative toxic minds – or delusions – that constantly function to disturb our mind, causing us endless frustration and unhappiness. We will also explore how, through meditation practice, we can remove negative minds completely. In this way, we will come to experience a deep, satisfying emotional freedom, becoming the person we wish to be – joyful and confident with a good heart.

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Glen Williams Town Hall, GeorgetownThis event will be held at the:

Glen Williams Town Hall
1 Prince St, Georgetown, ON
L7G 2X1

in the hamlet of Glen Williams. There is street parking available in the area.