Our Half Day Retreats

Every month we offer a half day morning retreat. By engaging in retreat, we deepen our wisdom through the experience of contemplating and meditating on a profound topic. These retreats are a meaningful Saturday morning practice every month.  They are also easy to attend. Each morning retreat consists of three one-hour sessions. Each session consists of a teaching and a meditation that will guide us to the meditation object – an inner experience of insight and wisdom that will transform our attitude and our life. There is a half hour break between each session.

The sessions are held onsite and online via Zoom. If you are attending online, spend a few minutes before the start of the retreat to set up your meditation space, a comfortable cushion or chair. Turn off the noise and enjoy a meaningful Saturday morning experiencing the inner peace of meditation with us.

You are also welcome to attend the sessions at the Centre. Again come a few minutes early and take some time to set up your cushion on the floor or your chair and table (all provided by us), and relax here in our meditation room.

Everyone is welcome to our half day retreats!

$20. Free for members.


We have limited attendance for our classes, however half day courses will be simultaneously broadcast with Zoom. If you would like to attend the class in person, please RSVP on the course page. You are also welcome to join us online! Tickets can be purchased for classes through Eventbrite or through interact eTransfer.