Highest Yoga Tantra Retreats

Highest Yoga Tantra Retreats

We offer retreats for those with Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments in the Kadampa tradition throughout the year. In these retreats we engage in the practices of the deities, Buddha Heruka and Buddha Vajrayogini. These retreats can be day, a weekend or week-long retreats.  Through regularly engaging in retreats, we draw closer to our deity and increase our realizations. The goal of making the most of our human life is accomplished through the practice of Highest Yoga Tantra.

highest yoga tantra retreats

During a retreat we reduce our normal worldly activities and concentrate for a period of time on developing spiritual qualities and peaceful minds – finding happiness from within.  Each session consists of a short teachings, time to engage in prayers and meditation.

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In his sutra teachings Buddha gives us great encouragement to accomplish the ultimate goal of human life. this goal will be accomplished quickly through the practice of Tantra. Tantra, also known as ‘Secret Mantra’ or ‘Vajrayana’, is a special method to purify our world, our self, our enjoyments and our activities; and if we put this method into practice we will very quickly attain enlightenment.

~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso — from Modern Buddhism

For online attendees: you are strongly recommended to purchase Heart Jewel prayers for your at home practice.

New Guide to Dakini Land book

The New Guide to Dakini Land
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Essence of Vajrayana

Essence of Vajrayana
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