Due to the current worldwide outbreak we have closed the Centre to flatten the curve through social distancing. During this time, we are helping our community stay peaceful and anxiety-free by live-streaming our meditation classes directly to you. We are live-streaming our classes from our Centre in Guelph to towns and cities in Southwestern Ontario outside of the Golden Horseshoe. Join us for our online classes from the comfort of your home and learn meditation methods designed to help us transform all our difficulties into spiritual growth.

Live-stream Meditation Classes

View the link to view all the live-stream classes that we offer at the Centre. Click on the link to register. Enjoy our classes? Consider becoming a member for $50 a month. This covers all the livestream classes that we hold at the Centre (with the exception of the Foundation Program live-stream class).

Simply Meditate Live-stream

Our Simply Meditate classes live-stream on Tuesday mornings. They consist of a short teaching and a guided meditation. The purpose of this class is to guide you through a meditation and give you the confidence to continue this meditation at home. These class teaches nine meditations from the Living Meditation series available from Tharpa.com/ca.

General Program Class Live-stream

Our General Program class live-stream is on both Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. The topic for this Spring and Summer is Healing the World – the Supreme Good Heart.

With these contemplations and meditations, we will experience of the Bodhisattva’s perfections of: giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom – practices to increase our own positive happy and peaceful minds and that will turn empower us to benefit others – our family, friends, community – and eventually, all living beings.

Meditation classes this June

We will learn how to rely and improve our practice of mindfulness and alertness to benefit others. Sometimes, our actions can be clumsy – even thoughtless. How can we improve this situation and be more skilful with our actions and our speech? We can learn to practice like a Bodhisattva, motivated by a mind of loving kindness, we can learn to be more skilful with those around us. By practicing consideration for others with mindfulness, our own inner peace will increase and our relationships will become more harmonious.

DateRegister for Simply Meditate live-stream classCost
Tuesday 2 June$5
Tuesday 9 June$5
Tuesday 16 June$5
Tuesday 23 June$5
Tuesday 30 June$5
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May 27

Healing the World – The Practice of Benefiting Others

We can benefit others in a myriad of ways as we develop our supreme good heart.

June 3 & June 7

Benefitting Others with Mindfulness – Seeing Kindness Everywhere

Practicing consideration for others depends upon our training of developing a warm heart towards others.

June 10 & June 14

Benefitting Others with Mindfulness – Considering Our Thoughts

Practicing consideration for others depends upon practicing consideration for others through developing a special intention and remembering it with mindfulness.

June 17 & June 21

Benefitting Others with Mindfulness – Considering Our Speech

How we use our speech has a great impact on others around us. We can use our speech to benefit others in countless ways, while gaining great benefits for ourselves.

June 24 & June 28

Benefitting Others with Mindfulness – Considering Our Actions

We can practice consideration for others through being mindful of our actions and create a more harmonious world for ourselves.

$5 Simply Meditate and $10 GP Classesseries passes on hold until drop-in resumes

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