Medicine Buddha

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Medicine Buddha Prayers

Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of all enlightened spiritual healing.When the world is pervaded entirely by problems and dangers due to uncontrolled minds and inappropriate actions, one of the most important practices is that of Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha prayers

All of us have had to deal with physical or mental illness, either our own, or that of a loved one. Where do these illnesses come from and is there a way to heal them? If we are willing to work at the deepest levels of body and mind we can remove the most subtle causes of illness through the practice of Medicine Buddha. It is said that the power of this practice becomes greater as confusion and conflict in this world increase, so this practice is especially vital for us now.practice is especially vital for us now.

We engage in prayers to Medicine Buddha from time to time at the Centre. Everyone is welcome to join uw with prayers for the Buddha of Healing.

For personal practice:

Medicine Buddha sadhana

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How to Attend Prayers

How to attend prayers
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Upcoming  Medicine Buddha prayers…

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