Meditate in Guelph Wednesday Evenings

Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm
with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden

These classes provide a basic introduction to Buddhist teachings and meditations. Through these we can learn how to use Buddha’s advice as a solution to our daily problems and in this way come to experience a sense of peace and happiness in our lives. Classes run in a 3 – 4 week series but each class is standalone – so you can drop-in at any time. Everyone is welcome! You do not need to be a Buddhist to attend, or to benefit from the classes – just drop in!

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Training the Mind Meditation

February 5 – 26: Finding the Inner Armour of Patience

In this series of meditation classes from Jan – April we will study the Lojong (training the mind) teachings.

We often respond to difficult situations by becoming unhappy and angry, which destroys our mental peace and is the foundation for bad decisions.We must cultivate a more realistic balanced approach to life’s challenges. The methods of training our mind in this more realistic approach are included within the Buddhist practice of patience. Develop your inner capacity for patience with Buddhist contemplation and meditation.

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Kadampa Buddhist Centre

143 Wyndham St N
Suite #203
Guelph, ON
N1H 4E9

See below for upcoming classes this winter:

GBWOL elephantTraining the Mind Meditation

March 4 – 25 & April 1 – 29: Controlling Our Wild Elephant Mind

Our mind is like a wild elephant – when powerful feelings or thoughts arise we have no choice but to follow them. Learn techniques to control this wild elephant mind and overcome delusions. If we find that we can keep a peaceful and happy mind at all times, this indicates that we have been successful in our training. Now is the time to take control through meditation.

worrier to warrior

Training the Mind Meditation

January 8 – 29: From Worrier to Warrior

We encounter many problems and adversities in our daily life. We have two choices: we can allow ourself to become overwhelmed by life’s problems or we can courageously embrace and transform life’s difficulties into opportunities for spiritual growth. This January, in our From Worrier to Warrior Series, learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to joyfully overcome whatever problem is bringing you down.

Each class in the series is stand-alone. Come to one class or come to them all. Classes are all drop-in. Everyone welcome regardless of background or previous experience.