During the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not be offering onsite branch classes in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. However, AKBC’s community is continuing online. You are welcome to join our General Program (Drop-in Classes) via Zoom. Join us online from the comfort of your home. It has never been easier to get to our meditation classes. We recommend you set aside some meditation space in your home and set a determination to join us (at least!) weekly and engage in some meditation practice. Meditation is the source of inner peace and happiness. There is no better time for us to practice meditation. We invite you to join us!

If you have reviewed and agree to the covid-19 guidelines we are following at AKBC, you are very welcome to join us at our Centre in Guelph where we have recently opened up for onsite classes.

Whether joining us onsite in Guelph or online from Kitchener or Waterloo, we welcome you to our classes. Now is the best time to begin and deepen our meditation practice.


Our meditation classes are for everyone who is interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or beliefs. They are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, teachings, and practice.
Every class includes a chance to practise meditation. No prior experience, special equipment or special clothes are necessary for our onsite classes – just come as you are.

There are two ways to attend our classes: onsite or online. Due to the pandemic we offer our classes online via Zoom and we also offered classes with limited seating at Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Guelph.

To attend the online class:

Register for the online class by clicking the button that will take you to our Eventbrite registration.

To attend the onsite class:

We are very happy to have you in Guelph. Please first review the covid-19 guidelines. If you agree to the guidelines, please send a text to 226.486.2417 telling us your name and which class you would like to attend. We will save you a seat.

  • Guided Breathing Meditation Every class begins with a fifteen -minute guided breathing meditation.
  • Teaching The meditation is followed with a talk from Buddha’s teachings, these practical talks help us to solve our daily problems and find peace, happiness and, if we wish, a deeper purpose in our busy lives.

  • Second Guided Meditation The teaching is followed with a guided meditation based on that teaching for time to develop wisdom through deeper contemplation and meditation.

  • Question and Answer There is an opportunity to discuss the talk and meditation with others, and to ask questions. Don’t worry – there’s no expectation to talk if you don’t want to!

  • Advice on Daily Practice The class finishes with practical advice on how we can put the teaching into practice in our daily life through the practice of mindfulness.

Drop-in Classes this Fall at Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Live-stream and Onsite Half Day Courses