Saturday Courses and Day Retreats

with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden

Come join us on a Saturday to go deeper into meditation with topics that will have a transformative impact on our life. Classes consists of guided mediations, teachings, discussion and an informal chat with refreshments during the break.

$25. Free with Centre Card.

Saturday Courses This Spring

learn to meditateLearn to Meditate

Guelph – Saturday 27 April
1pm – 4pm

Meditation is a great way to overcome stress, promote health and well-being, and maintain a positive and relaxed attitude to life. Through following practical instructions, everyone can learn to meditate. In this brief workshop you will learn the basics of meditation so that you can practice with confidence and joy. This workshop is perfect for beginners or anyone wishing to improve the quality of their meditations.

During the workshop, we will explore the following:

  • What are the benefits of meditation?
  • How do we get started?
  • How do we set up our meditation space?
  • How long do we meditate?
  • What do we focus on?
  • What are some techniques to help us overcome distractions?

Everyone is welcome!

$25. Free for Centre Members.

Breaking bad habitsBreaking Bad Habits

London – Saturday 2 March
10am – 1pm
Guelph – Saturday 9 March
1pm – 4pm

Nobody wants to hurt the people they love, yet it’s often easy to do. Nobody wants to engage in compulsive behaviour that threatens their health and self esteem, yet we can find ourself doing this on a daily basis. Why?

Bad habits make us unhappy, unhealthy and destroy our relationships and sense of self worth. On this meditation day course, Kelsang Kunden will explain the negative mental patterns that keep us compulsively engaging in negative behaviours that harm ourself and others. By understanding our mind in this way we can finally bring it under control and find mental peace, freedom, integrity and confidence. We can break our bad habits forever. Everyone is welcome.

25. Free for Centre Members.

Grief Loss and HealingGrief, Loss and Healing

Guelph – Saturday 9 February
1pm – 4pm

The experience of loss is a universal one. Buddha taught that the end of meeting is parting and the end of birth is death, and while these truths are undeniable, we usually experience deep, long-lasting pain when we lose someone we love. In this course, we will learn how to use the power of compassion to ease our pain and heal our grief; we will look at the deeper truths that are revealed by the experience of loss, and we will learn how to help the dying and deceased by making special prayers for their future well-being.

$25. Free for Centre Members.