Saturday Courses

with Resident Teacher, Kelsang Kunden

Come join us on a Saturday to go deeper into meditation with topics that will have a transformative impact on our life. Classes consists of guided mediations, teachings, discussion and an informal chat with refreshments during the break.

$25. Free with Centre Card.

In Guelph
Saturday 17 November
1pm – 4pm

@ Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Suite 203 – 143 Wyndham St. N.
Guelph, ON
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In London
Saturday 3 November
10am – 1pm

@ Landon Branch – London Public Library
167 Wortley Rd.
London, ON
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Saturday Course Schedule

Letting Go of Resentment and GuiltLetting Go of  Resentment and Guilt

London – Saturday 3 November
10am – 1pm

Guelph – Saturday 17 November
1pm – 4pm

The suffering of repressed anger, resentment, and the suffering of guilt are all too common nowadays. These negative minds are not only harmful, they have no beneficial purpose. Instead of following these habitual negative thoughts and feelings, through contemplation and meditation, we can learn to look at these situations from another perspective and thereby transform what was once unpleasant, into an opportunity for spiritual growth. With this transformation, we will gain a positive, peaceful mind. Essential training for people of the modern world!

The course is divided into two 75 minute sessions which will include guided meditation and teaching, with a break for refreshments.

Everyone is welcome!

Register: Letting Go of Resentment and Guilt in London

The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra – Profound Teachings from Buddha’s Heart

New Date! Saturday 1 December
10 – 4pm

Form is empty; emptiness is form.
Emptiness is not other than form;
Form also is not other than emptiness.
~ excerpt from The Heart Sutra from The New Heart of Wisdom.

The Heart Sutra explains Buddha’s most profound teachings on the which explain emptiness – the true nature of reality.   Through understanding this teaching we can attain permanent peace and happiness for ourselves and for others. Join us in this special day course with Resident Teacher Kelsang Kunden as she gives us the commentary to the Heart Sutra and draw closer to the real meaning of emptiness.

Although a profound subject learning to meditate on emptiness is a powerful method to pacify and finally abandon the negative conceptions that keep us trapped in a state of suffering.  We will learn how understanding emptiness is the key to solve all our problems permanently and be guided in practical meditations that we can take home to strengthen our daily practice.

Everyone is welcome.

$35. Free with Centre Card.. Refreshments included.

the stillness withinThe Stillness Within – Urban Retreat

Guelph – Saturday 15 December
9pm – 5pm

This course will be a day meditation retreat on the nature of the mind. This will be a silent retreat that will enable us to go deeper into our meditation practice and gain deep experience on the mahamudra meditations on the nature of our mind.

The retreat will be divided into 4 sessions. The first 3 sessions will be guided. Because it is a silent retreat we ask people to attend the full day in order to get the full impact of the meditations. There will be refreshments provided for retreaters between sessions. Everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience.


9 – 10:15
11- 12:15
2 – 3:15
3:45 – 5pm

Everyone is welcome!

$35. Free for Centre Card holders.