Sunday Meditation Class

in person only

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Our Sunday Meditation Class

in person only
2:30 – 4pm
with Kadampa Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Kunden

our sunday meditation class
We offer drop-in meditation classes every Sunday (with some exceptions for special events). Each class is a stand-alone individual class that is presented in a series. Come to one class or come to them all!

Our classes are designed to help you find, and develop your capacity for a deep inner peace with meditation. Our meditation classes are open to everyone – beginners to advanced, regardless of background or previous experience.  Join us weekly for our Sunday meditation class and experience a deeper inner peace. Everyone welcome!

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What to Expect in a Class

Our meditation classes are for anyone interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or beliefs. Classes are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, teachings, and practice.
Every class includes a chance to practise meditation. No prior experience, special equipment or special clothes are necessary for our onsite classes – just come as you are, and bring your mask.

Classes are all standalone individual classes that are presented in a series. You do not need to attend the full series to attend a class.

What to expect in a course

When the mind is free from the clouds of distracting conceptions it becomes bright and clear, like a cloudless sky”

~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

New Topics this Winter

This winter, our series of classes from January to March are based on gaining control of our thoughts with mindfulness and gaining freedom from negative patterns of thought. Changing these negative patterns of thought is hugely liberating opening us up to a joyful, creative and game changing approach to experiencing our lives and our relationships.

Through gaining familiarity with correct thoughts, thoughts based on love, compassion and wisdom, we can gain control over our mind and bring meaning and harmony into our life.

Class Series Topics

The Problem with Attachement – Stop Obsessing and Stressing

Stop obsessing and stressing with thoughts arising from attachment to others. Learn to recognize attachment as it arises in our mind and cultivate correct warm thoughts that give rise to happiness and a deep appreciation of others.

The Problem with Attachment - January Meditation

1. How to Recognize the Painful Minds of Attachment
2. Stop Obsessing and Stressing!
3. The Difference Between Love and Attachment
4. Moving Our Mind to Love

These classes are based on the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness. Come along and learn how to make your life deeply meaningful.

The Problem with Envy – Getting in Our Own Way

Our exaggeration, the stories that we tell our self, our occasional displeasure when things are going well for others are all negative thoughts interfering with our own happiness. We can replace these exaggerated thoughts and the unpleasant feelings that accompany them by cultivating correct thoughts that will not only give us a joyful balanced mind but also create causes for our future success.

the problem with envy - february meditation
Some topics we will explore in this series:
1. Recognizing the Mind of Envy
2. Envy Vs Rejoicing
3. Forget Fomo and Be Happy
4. Creating the Cause for Success
These classes are based on the book  The New Eight Steps to Happiness. Come along and learn how to make your life deeply meaningful.

Developing Authentic Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem, fear and anxiety arise from identifying with a “faulty” and “limited self”. But this view of ourself is not coming from wisdom. By developing correct thoughts based on wisdom we will cultivate correct thoughts that give us an a deep an authentic experience of confidence.

developing self confidence - march meditation

Some topics in this series:

1. Where does low self-esteem come from?
2. Freedom from Fear
3. Ignorance – the root of suffering
4. Finding Authentic Self Confidence

These classes are based on the book  The New Eight Steps to Happiness. Come along and learn how to make your life deeply meaningful.

The classes are presented in a series but each class is stand-alone. You do not need to attend the full series to benefit from the classes.

$12 drop-in |  $40 for any 4 classes (series pass) | Free for members

Current and Upcoming Sunday Meditation Class Series

Other Meditation Classes

  • Not able to come on Sundays? Join us on Wednesday evening for meditation. Each week our Sunday and Wednesday class present the same topic.
  • We also offer a drop-in class on Sunday mornings  for our free Meditations for World Peace class. A short teaching and time to meditate to establish an inner experience of inner peace that we can bring to the world around us.
  • We also offer and in-depth study program meditation class, Foundation Program which requires enrolment.
  • We also offer drop-in meditation classes in Kitchener and Georgetown. Other locations coming soon.

Questions about our classes? Contact us.

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