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Living Lightly In the Moment

Thursday Meditation Class
7 – 8:30pm

The purpose of our Thursday evening class is to deepen our experience of emptiness – the ultimate nature of reality – through meditation. Buddha taught that in order to become permanently free from suffering, we need to eradicate its cause, self grasping ignorance from our mind. Through contemplating and meditating on Buddha’s wisdom teachings again and again with an open mind, we can gain the wisdom to cut through our ignorance giving rise to our experience of suffering.  In this way we can experience an inner freedom and bring a new clarity and lightness to our life and personality that will bring happiness and benefit to both ourself and others.

Living Lightly in the Moment - Thursday Meditation Class

Join Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden for our Thursday meditation class, Living Lightly in the Moment with meditations on profound teachings that will deepen our inner experience of wisdom and compassion and make our human life meaningful.

Thursday Meditation Class Titles:

May 27: The Search for Our Self
June 3: A Special Teaching on Emptiness
June 10: The Two Truths
June 17: The Two Truths
June 24: A Special Training in Emptiness

Modern Buddhism

The class is based on the book, Modern Buddhism. This print edition of this book can be purchased from Avalokiteshvara Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Tharpa Publications offers the print and eBook formats.

The things that I normally see in dreams do not exist.
This proves that the things that I normally see while awake do not exist,
Since both of these things are equally mistaken appearance.
I will never grasp at the things that I normally see,
But just be satisfied with their mere name.
By doing this I will liberate myself permanently
From the sufferings of this life and countless future lives.
In this way I will be able
To benefit each and every living being every day.

Other Meditation Classes

  • Join us on Sunday or Wednesday evening for meditation. Each week our Sunday and Wednesday class present the same topic.
  • We also offer a drop-in class on Tuesdays for our “21 Meditations” class. These clear, step-by-step meditations show us how to progress on the path to liberation and enlightenment in a way that is perfectly suited to our busy modern lives.
  • Develop a consistent meditation practice with systematic study of Buddha’s teachings with our Foundation Program class.

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