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The Strength of Patience

Wednesdays in June

Meditation Classes
Online and Onsite

Wednesday Meditation - the strength of patience

Patience is an inner strength that enables us to accept and grow from whatever life throws at us. Without cultivating patient acceptance we remain vulnerable to anxiety and frustration, and it is difficult for us to maintain peaceful relationships with others. If on the other hand we understand what true patience is and its extraordinary power and value, we will be confident to practice patience in daily life.

Join Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Kunden for Wednesdays in June for a series of classes that explore Buddhist teachings and meditations – practical methods for practicing patient acceptance. Through improving our wisdom we can effectively work to change things for the better from a place of peace rather than from annoyance or anger. By using these methods in our daily life we will develop an inner peace that cannot be disturbed by changing conditions.

You are also welcome to join us for this class on Sunday afternoons at 2:30pm.

If something can be remedied,
Why be unhappy about it?
And if there is no remedy for it,
There is still no point in being unhappy.

~ Shantideva — from Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

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